Up late again…

The semester is not even close to starting and here it is 3:15 a.m. and I have yet to go to bed.  Up working on the site and the blog.  Does the work day ever end?  I guess there’s just no rest for the weary… or is that the wicked? 

This past weekend (Christmas Eve), I did a wedding for an older couple.  They were simply beautiful!  They were married in the historical and very elegant 8th Street Baptist Church.  While I haven’t finished all of the photos yet, there was one I couldn’t help but to post now…

When the flower girl cam down the aisle, I do believe that she was hoarding the rose petals in her basket.  She dropped EXACTLY 6 (that is s-i-x) rose petals at a rate of about .2 mph… I’m not kidding.  I thought every last one of those pictures were gonna be blurry because I was shaking so hard from trying to hold in my laughter.  Don’t you know it’s not polite to laugh at the flower girl?  Oh well, I’ve never really been accused of being polite.

Such a funny lil thang!

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