About MissusJoy

The Big Chop

After my first big hair cut.

What do I say about me… hmmm… it’s kinda hard ’cause I really don’t like to brag… REALLY!  So here goes:

  • I have a wonderful hubby that supports me in everything I do… even the dumb stuff that sucks up a lot of money.  I just love him!
  • I’m a mom of 3 (for now — one of ’em is a teenager and he just might not make it if you know what I mean!).  I have a daughter (oober talented – plays viola & clarinet, is a licensed cosmopologist [like Madea says], and is the mother of my apple Kor), a son (moniker – “Baby Jordan” — awesome athlete, million dollar smile that attracts .50 lil hoochies-in-training) , and a daughter (the sunshine in my day, plays violin, soccer, and is an awesome actress, singer, and dancer).
  • I’m a nana to Kori Kakes!  She’s the sweetest, cutest, crying-est lil thing you ever did see.  Sharp as 40 crickets!
  • I’m a software support analyst by day and a photog and designer by nights/weekends… for now!
  • I am a ’13 graduate from Lynchburg College.  My major was Art with an emphasis in Graphics Design and my minor was Photography (but I took more than enough photography classes to make it a double major, they just don’t offer that at LC — stinky!).
  • I love photography!  It is my passion!  I collect vintage cameras.  My favorites are medium and large format.  My favorite type of camera to use is a large format camera — the images are breathtaking if you do it right!  My favorite camera to shoot with right now is my medium format Holga… look ‘er up!
  • I love alternative print processing — especially cyanotypes!
  • I love to design and make quilts!  Going into the fabric store for me is like a kid going into the candy store.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed.  If I don’t have a list of what I need for a specific project, I may end up with stuff I have to hide from the hubbs!
  • I love to meet new people!  I thoroughly enjoy shooting weddings and large groups because that means I’m guaranteed to make some new friends.  I really like hearing the stories of people’s lives!
  • I LOVE MY FAMILY!  They make it possible for me to do all of the things I love.  Sometimes they even do them with me.  My oldest daughter is a wonderful assistant on shoots.  My son and younger daughter love to pose.  Just call me Mamarazzi!
  • I love old school hip hop and I love to dance!  I met muh sweetie at a night club and we’ve been dancing our way through life ever since.  I’ll leave it up to you to guess what kind of dancin’ we’ve been doin’…
  • I love to bake!  I love to make candies and marshmallows and cookies and cakes and cake pops and caramel anything!  I love to work in my kitchen any chance I get!
  • I cut off all of my overprocessed, relaxed hair and now I got the natural fro thing going and I JUST LOVE MY HAIR!
  • I love dodgeball!  You should come and play with me sometimes. It’s a workout and amazing fun all at the same time.  It should be illegal for exercise to be that fun!
  • I HATE HATE – I’m gonna design a t-shirt with that on it one of these days!

There! Now you know a lot more about me than I do you. Why don’t you comment and tell me a few things about yourself!

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