After a long hiatus…

I’ve been baking so much that I hadn’t had much time for photography–AND I’VE MISSED IT! Yesterday I photographed the missionaries and had a ball.  Got it done fast and beautifully.  This is just a sampling, but there are more to come.


I’m not really a landscape kinda gal. I really enjoy taking pictures of people. Now if the person is gonna be standing in front of a landscape then I’m all over that. To take pics of places just to be taking pics of the place… nah… I’m not feeling that. Here’s one of the people […]

A Penny for your thoughts!

I believe that this is my favorite out of the whole sha-bang!

As a gift to a neighbor, I did a photoshoot for her beautiful baby girl, Penny. Don’t you wish you lived next door to me? She was a positively delightful, little girl and was very patient even though the sun was brightly shining in her eyes most of the time. I love shooting in natural […]

My First Official Post on My First Official Blog!!!

This past weekend I had not much to do but rest and recuperate from all of the holiday cooking/eating and dodgeball! My son wanted me to do a photo shoot for him. This is the same son, by the way, that used to run from the camera every time I said, “SAY CHEESE!” I earned […]