My very 1st eBook

This book has been 7 years in the making.  At 1st I didn’t think I had enough time or talent but I’m glad I waited.  I was determined to do it with digitally enhanced images but I finally decided to go ahead and paint each image.  I’m glad I did. It means so much more […]

I’m in the homestretch!

My color block quilt

This is one of the quilts for my senior thesis project. The project is a children’s book called A Quilt for Josie Joy. It’s something that’s been jumping around in my head for years and now I am finally going to make it happen! So the project includes: The book 3 quilts to be displayed […]

A Penny for your thoughts!

I believe that this is my favorite out of the whole sha-bang!

As a gift to a neighbor, I did a photoshoot for her beautiful baby girl, Penny. Don’t you wish you lived next door to me? She was a positively delightful, little girl and was very patient even though the sun was brightly shining in her eyes most of the time. I love shooting in natural […]

My First Official Post on My First Official Blog!!!

This past weekend I had not much to do but rest and recuperate from all of the holiday cooking/eating and dodgeball! My son wanted me to do a photo shoot for him. This is the same son, by the way, that used to run from the camera every time I said, “SAY CHEESE!” I earned […]